Having been missionaries themselves, Les and Sharon understand fully the difficulties a missionary encounters upon returning state side. Mission Auto is here to help locate and arrange the purchase of vehicles for missionaries. We desire to be instruments in the Lord's Hands as we search for the most reliable and economical vehicle possible. Prices on vehicles tend to peak during summer months. Place an order early to save money. Once your order is confirmed, payment of half the projected purchase price is desired with the remainder due when the vehicle is secured.


  • We can purchase and hold vehicle until pick up
  • No storage fee for the time it is here waiting
  • We do what we can to make the transition as simple as possible.


  • We have drivers who donate their time to deliver for missionaries
  • Cost (fuel, food, etc.) would need to be covered
  • We put a temporary tag on the vehicle which allows 45 days to purchase permanent registration and license plates
  • Let us know as early as possible that you would like to work out a delivery plan
  • Not a guaranteed service, but we do try to help in this area whenever possible.